Sharing Proud Words

Encouraging people to truly be themselves is important, especially since it hasn’t always been a given for so many. That’s why we’re sending words of love and acceptance into the world for those who need them, and asking family, friends, and loved ones to join us in doing the same.

These words - EDUCATE, LOVE, RESPECT, CELEBRATE, and PRIDE - are our #PROUDWORDS. There’s a story of acceptance in each one, and as we celebrate Pride, we’re filling the world with them. You’ll see them online, at events, and most playfully… on limited edition Oreo cookies.
Help us put as many #PROUDWORDS out into the world as we can.
I will continue to EDUCATE myself.
I LOVE you just the way you are.
I have so much RESPECT for you.
Let’s CELEBRATE you for being you.
Help us put as many #PROUDWORDS out into the world as we can.
We are proud to continue our partnership with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Auckland Pride. Organisations whose mission it is to make people feel loved and accepted for who they are, to educate and create lasting communities. As Official Snacking Partner we’ll be making financial contributions to help them champion inclusivity both here in Australia & New Zealand, and around the world.
Sydney Gay & LesbianAuckland Pride

Additional Resources

These social and support organisations also do valuable work for LGBTIQA+ people in Australia.
Q Life
QLife provides Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTIQA+ peer support and referral for anyone wanting to talk.
Minus18 is a charity improving the lives of LGBTIQA+ youth via life-affirming youth events, digital resources, and education.
Rainbow Families
Rainbow Families provide support to
the LGBTIQA+ to

live their best and most

colourful lives.

Our Proud Word Packs

We chose the 5 words featured on our cookies - EDUCATE, LOVE, RESPECT, CELEBRATE & PRIDE - to help spark curiosity, open conversation, and connection between family members and loved ones. We hope these words can be central to all important dialogue about more love and acceptance.

If you would like to shop to share proud words with your loved ones, click below:
Oreo Pride
Oreo Pride
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Respectful language

Respectful language

can make a big difference

Pride remains critical for our LGBTTQIA+ communities to come together and celebrate, raise awareness and to advocate for improvement in rights, laws and systems, here and around the world. While things may seem ‘ok’ in New Zealand, anti-Rainbow Laws are prevalent in almost 70 countries. Everyone can take part in Pride when it shows up in your town or city, whether you are Rainbow or an Ally!

You can do something on your own, or in your school or workplace. The key is to do something; no matter how big or small, it matters. Find out some great tips and ideas on how to get involved in pride with the Pride Pledge Pride Month Guide here.